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If you've ever considered living, working, studying, or investing in New Zealand, you've come to the right place. Aside from its charm, New Zealand has much to offer. Consider this -- a little over thirty years ago, you could have bought a premium view lot in Hawaii or Aspen for less than $10,000. Today, you couldn't touch either for less than $1 million. No matter. They're old news anyway. But did you know that New Zealand is just as stunning and magnificent, while astoundingly undervalued by comparison?

Forty years ago, the world was less hurried and people seemed more civilized. A relic of bygone days? Not in New Zealand, where it's still part of everyday life. Beautiful, safe, and friendly, it's a technology-savvy place that offers profit and lifestyle opportunities that most people only dream of. We can help you take the important steps toward making your dreams a reality.

New Zealand
...Don't just visit, Live It! SM

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A New Zealand Lifestyle Can Be Yours

If you're considering a move to or an investment in New Zealand, than you need solid information. If you would like to come and go as you please and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available here, then you need access to top-notch professionals who can explain your many options. A New Zealand lifestyle is more possible than you may think. NuKiwi was founded to help guide you through the maze.

New Zealand -- from a Migrant's Perspective

Migrants have a different way of looking at things. No matter where they hail from -- Western superpower to war-torn backwater -- they are typically forward-thinking, insightful, and shrewd. They tend to be more skeptical, jaded, and hard to please. If these traits are not properly tempered they can be perceived as irritating to others. But they are precisely the underlying traits that are needed to help find the best opportunities and information.

At NuKiwi, we don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We live, work and play in New Zealand. We've spent thousands of hours traveling the country and researching businesses, schools, communities, infrastructure, markets and demographics. We've done the groundwork, so you don't have to.

Like Having A Friend Overseas

If you’ve ever been a part-time or permanent newcomer to a distant city or state, you know how frustrating it can be trying to get the lay of the land -- new surroundings, new customs, new stores, new houses, new schools, a new job, new bank accounts, heck even new utility connections; new tax schemes, local government regulations, getting a handle on the legal environment, local & regional markets. Now try that in a whole new country. It can be a daunting task at times, unless you have a local contact or friend.

Like a friend in a distant city, we can help you find your way through the maze of new social, cultural, economic, academic and commercial alternatives you will be presented with in New Zealand.

That's why we've prepared a series of special NuKiwi Reports (tm) loaded with valuable information, guides, maps, checklists, forms and applications to take advantage of key services.

Become a New Zealand Insider

If you want the real story on New Zealand, than look no farther than the New Zealand Insider (tm), our insightful newsletter that strips away the flowery platitudes and tells it like it really is -- the good, the bad, and the important things in between. Best of all it's FREE! Visit our Newsletter page to sign up today.


A Unique Place -- A Well-Kept Secret

"I had an impression that it [New Zealand] was close to Australia,
or Asia, or somewhere, and that one went over to it on a bridge."
- Mark Twain

[Country Living - New Zealand Style]

The good news is that even today, as in Mark Twain's time, many people don't know where New Zealand is on a map, let alone what wonderful opportunities it presents. And even if one can't get to it over a bridge, advances in aircraft design are making such issues a moot point. By the end of the decade many believe that the 12-hour flight between California and New Zealand could be cut nearly in half -- to only 6 hours!

The bad news is that those in the know, from all over the world, are converging on this lovely, unspoiled, and isolated oasis of the South Pacific. You owe it to yourself to discover what they already know -- to stake your claim in paradise before it's too late...remember Aspen and Hawaii.

If you're serious about New Zealand, about your dreams, and about pursuing new opportunities, then we invite you to browse through our website, sign up for our free newsletter, and select the Nukiwi Report that is best suited to your situation.


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