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New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Made Easy...

The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report
~ An insider's guide to New Zealand immigration, investment, employment, and lifestyle. ~

Imagine waking up to a new life in New Zealand....

Clean, fresh, green, uncrowded and reminiscent of a time when things cost less, the pace of life was slower, and people seemed friendlier to one another. A New Zealand lifestyle is more possible than you may think.

Isn't it time you stopped wondering, wishing and hoping? Wouldn't you like to find out how it can be done, what to expect along the way, and how best to enjoy what you've accomplished? If you've ever considered a New Zealand lifestyle, this report is for you.

This amazing report will open your eyes.

Dreaming of New Zealand is one thing. Taking the steps to actually live your dream is another. This report will open your eyes to what is possible and how to start making your New Zealand dreams a reality.

New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report ImageThe New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report draws from thousands of hours of research and first-hand experience. It pulls no punches and tells it like it really is.

This comprehensive report explodes the myths
and exposes the truth.

We grew tired of guidebooks, pamphlets and websites that gushed about the seemingly never-ending wonders of visiting New Zealand but provided no real behind-the-scenes or in-the-trenches insights. We weren't interested in the pabulum tourists are fed, we wanted hard information on actually living, working, investing and doing business in New Zealand. We looked and looked, and guess what? It simply didn't exist in any one place. So we decided to do our own research, create our own reference library and put together a network of contacts that could provide answers to even the toughest questions. That was several years ago. Now you can benefit from this extensive experience and massive resource at a fraction of the normal price.

"This report has answered the majority of all of our questions about New Zealand in one go. Hours of searching the web will not give you this kind of information, and will save you time, money and worry."
- Danny Hill
East Sussex, England

The Real New Zealand -- from a Migrant's Perspective

Migrants have a different way of looking at things. Their inherent initiative demands shrewd insights and solid information sources to help them hit the ground running. The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report was written by migrants for migrants. At NuKiwi, we don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We live, work and play in New Zealand. We've spent thousands of hours travelling the country and researching businesses, schools, communities, infrastructure, markets and demographics. We've done the groundwork, so you don't have to.

A New Zealand Lifestyle Can Be Yours

If you're considering a move to or an investment in New Zealand; if you would like to come and go as you please and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available here, then you need access to top-notch information and first-hand knowledge. The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report was created to help guide you through the maze.

"... invaluable information for the immigrant and prospective immigrant community."
- Michael Hawes,
United Kingdom

Avoid frustration and spend your time more effectively.

Some say that you can't learn from the mistakes of others. We beg to differ. The experiences of others can provide essential insights and guidance. This informative report gives you the chance to learn from the experiences of those who have not only been there, but have learned the hard way. Let them teach you.

Your situation is unique.

You have your own reasons for wanting to make New Zealand a part of your life. Perhaps it's to own property or secure a second home. Perhaps you'd like to establish business or investment interests that could provide not only profit opportunities but also the ability to travel to and from New Zealand on tax-deductible dollars. Maybe you'd like to study the subjects of your choice in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Or maybe you're simply looking for a whole new life. Whatever your reasons, they're what make your situation special, and why you need real answers.

 "Your reports are by far the most complete, concise and illuminating source of information for the potential NZ migrant that I have found (and I have looked everywhere!).  Should be required reading for anyone considering moving to NZ.  Well Done!"


- Scott Cameron, MD

Like a friend overseas, guiding you each step of the way.

Like a friend in a distant city, this report can help you find your way through the maze of bureaucratic red tape along with the new social, cultural, economic, academic and commercial alternatives you will be presented with in New Zealand. In addition, you'll learn how banking, shopping, and just plain everyday living differs from that which you may be used to.

We'll even tell you how we got our immigration application
approved in only three days!

We'll tell you what we did to get our application approved in record time. And just as importantly, we'll tell you to what to expect and what to be prepared for both before and after you arrive.

Along the way we provide gems of inside observation that only migrants can provide.

"Your report and newsletters are open and honest. ...The report is wonderful and well worth the money spent.  Each time  I look at it I find something new and interesting.  Thank you for the effort  put in compiling all of the information."

- Rick K., Ireland

Your own New Zealand address, phone number, and email account.

In addition, we'll show you where to obtain your own New Zealand mail drop service, voice-mail service, and/or email account. Whether for business or personal use, the convenience and flexibility provided by your own mail drop with its optional forwarding and fax services will pay for itself many times over. Add your own New Zealand telephone number and voice-mail service along with a ".co.nz" email address and you'll have all the bases covered!

Your own New Zealand bank account.

We'll show you where to set up your own New Zealand bank account. We'll provide access to the necessary forms and information to get you started and fill you in on the best banks, service and options available.

How to Find the Best Real Estate, Neighbourhoods, and Schools

We'll provide the tools and information necessary to help you find the best real estate, neighbourhoods and schools along with first-hand experience on related aspects of living or investing in New Zealand.

"Thank you SOOOOO much... I love the Report. So helpful. Regards, Laura"
- Laura Bozeman,

Loaded with Timely Information Worth a King's Ransom

If only this report had existed when we were considering New Zealand. We would have gladly paid ten times more than it's ridiculously low price today. If just one idea or bit of information could help keep you from making a costly mistake, imagine how much you stand to gain from the hundreds of suggestions, tips, resources, links and ideas laid out in this comprehensive report -- it's truly priceless!

The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report is bulging with a wealth of information, resources, links and tips to get you started, and more importantly, to help keep you moving toward your goal. Just take a look at this partial list of contents:

Partial List of Comprehensive Contents

New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report ImageBulging with a wealth of information, guidelines, resources, links and tips, this comprehensive report has something for everyone.

Here are just some of the topics and sections included in The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report:

  • Why New Zealand?
  • Permanent, Part-Time or Strategic Immigration
  • Is Immigration the Answer?
  • New Zealand's Six Immigration Categories
  • The Pros & Cons of Each NZIS Category.
  • Should You Use an Immigration Consultant or Go It Alone?
  • How we got our application approved in only 3 days!
  • What to Bring With You and Key Things to Arrange Before You Arrive
  • Getting You and Your Stuff to New Zealand
  • Shipping your household items.
  • Shipping your pets.
  • Shipping your self.
  • Banking and Finance
  • Bank accounts, service charges and choices.
  • Housing & Real Estate -- Finding the Right Place
  • Renting a home.
  • Purchasing a home.
  • Obtaining Utilities and Related Services
  • Water, Electricity & Gas.
  • Telephone Service.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP's).
  • New Zealand internet "freebies".
  • Rubbish & recycling - a national mania.
  • Food, Groceries, and the Kiwi Diet
  • You have a what?… A "coupon"?
  • A typical trip to the grocery store.
  • Shopping in New Zealand
  • Discount?…What's a discount?
  • Product Quality & Return Policies.
  • What are the reliable brands?
  • How to get a special discount on new household items.
  • Automobiles.
  • Checking your prospective car out.
  • What were they thinking?
  • Driving in New Zealand
  • When's the last time you heard of a rush hour that only lasted an hour?
  • On the road again -- just watch out for trucks and sheep.
  • Where service stations still mean "service" stations!
  • Drive left, think reverse, and don't forget to laugh.
  • The golden rule of New Zealand driving.
  • Roundabouts - pure and simple.
  • Beware of New Zealand's bizarre give-way rules.
  • Speed limits, "road rage" and strange motorway signs.
  • Can I drive in New Zealand with my existing licence?
  • Licensing (registering) your car and obtaining a Warranty of Fitness (WOF) certificate.
  • Be sure to bring a map.
  • Kiwi Business Signage -- Oh my aching head.
  • Metric conversion for dummies.
  • Speed cameras and parking for newbies.
  • New Zealand Schools and Education System
  • Three types of primary and secondary schools.
  • How do I select a school for my child?
  • Old certificates and exams to give way to new NCEA.
  • How do New Zealand public schools compare with those in other countries?
  • Insurance & Healthcare
  • Mail Services
  • Electrical Device and Video Format Compatibility
  • New Zealand's Media
  • Kiwi Ads - Earthy, blunt, and a special kind of humour.
  • TV after 8:30 pm -- Watch over your smaller children.
  • Feature films and the New Zealand film rating system.
  • Schedules? We don't need no stinking schedules!
  • National & Regional Newspapers.
  • Magazines & Periodicals
  • Kiwi Fashion, Society and Social Mores
  • Fashion & Beauty.
  • Manners & Personal Space.
  • Socialisation.
  • The roles of the sexes.
  • Homosexuality.
  • Prostitution.
  • Alcohol & drug use.
  • Attitudes toward wealth.
  • Racism, bigotry and the pecking order.
  • Working in New Zealand
  • Leisure
  • Kiwi-English
  • New Zealand Tax System
  • The legacy of "Rogernomics."
  • New Zealand's personal & business tax rates.
  • Double Tax Treaties
  • Conclusion and Final Thoughts


"... my wife and I have been most definitely impressed with the quality of the info presented in your report.... your section about presentation of docs was especially useful. Thanks a lot. Regards, Gary."
- Gary LePetit,
United Arab Emirates

We're so sure that you will absolutely love The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report that we're willing to back it with not just a 30-day guarantee... not just a 45-day guarantee... but a full 60-day, 100% absolutely risk-free guarantee! Not only that, but we won't even ask you to delete the files if you decide that you don't like it!

2-Month 100% Absolutely Risk-Free Guarantee Plus

Try The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report for a full 60 days. Study it, criticise it, read it from end to end. If it doesn't open your eyes to New Zealand and if you're not convinced that it's the best single source of inside information available or if you don't think that it's worth many times more than what you paid for it, simply tell us and we'll gladly refund 100% of your purchase price and cheerfully thank you for your time!

You'll receive a prompt and courteous refund plus we won't even ask you to delete the files from your computer! It's the best no-risk, I-don't-even-have-to-give-a-reason
60-day money-back guarantee we know of.

Are we nuts?

When we were establishing our price and guarantee, we argued amongst ourselves for days. It became quite a scene. Some thought that we should dramatically raise our price; that we were giving away too much for too little. After all, they pointed out, US$49.95 was a bit ridiculous considering people regularly pay hundreds and often thousands of dollars in expense and time for this kind of information. Some thought that we should limit the return period to only 30 or 45 days.

But the biggest argument came from the idea of actually extending the guarantee to nearly two months and not requiring the customer to delete the files if they asked for a refund. Shouts of, "Are you nuts?" and "We could lose a fortune!" sprang up from many corners. Let's face it, if the report really stank, we stood to lose big time. But in the end we all agreed that if we weren't willing to put our money where our mouths were, why should you. That's how sure we are that you'll love what we've put together for you.

"Hello, I bought your e-book and have just finished it. Well done! ...It is hard to find a writing that describes the character of a population. Most of what is written about NZ is how beautiful it is, or how good the price of real estate is, and not what it is like to interact with the people. ... It is good to get an outsider's view of NZ."  

- Steve Lulay,

A Special Limited Time Offer -- 40% Off!

Fortunately, you won't need to pay the thousands of dollars in time and expense it took to bring this information together. You won't need to pay the hundreds of dollars it can cost for our most basic personalised consulting services. In fact, if you act immediately, you wont even have to pay the standard US$49.95 price we've established for the report. For a limited time, if you act now, you'll pay only US$29.97 -- a whopping 40% off!

Act Immediately and Receive the Following

If you order immediately, not only will you receive our special 40% discount, but as a special added bonus we'll include links to a beautiful New Zealand screen-saver as well as to a fabulous selection of New Zealand e-postcards and wallpapers. These wonderful award-winning remembrances were created by one of New Zealand's leading digital production companies especially for Tourism New Zealand. Enjoy them with our compliments to help keep you focused on what may be one of the most important goals of your life.

"Hello! First of all, I want to say that I just love this...! I think it's a fabulous idea, and I think that receiving information from a totally objective perspective is sometimes difficult, but much more highly valued than receiving 'fluff'. Thanks so much,"

- Kelly T.

You could be enjoying your new New Zealand lifestyle in just a few short months.

So what are you waiting for? Ten years from now you don't want to be one of the many who says, "If only I had..."
Be one of the few who quietly moves forward in strength and knowledge.

It's your future and your destiny; a small risk-free investment in knowledge today can pay huge dividends to you and your family in the years to come. Make them good years. No, better yet, make them great years! Order today.

Here's how to order right now!

Click here for an instant download of The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report. Once your credit card is approved, you'll be directed to a special page where you'll download the report along with your free bonus. For your safety and privacy, we've contracted with Clickbank-Keynetics to process all credit card purchases through their secure servers using the latest SSL encryption technology. The charges will appear on your credit card statement as Clickbank-Keynetics.

Immediate Access - Instant Download


New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report Image
  • Written by migrants for migrants.
  • Hundreds of links and resources.
  • Complete forms & applications.
  • Comprehensive guidelines.
  • Self-assessment information.
  • 100% Ironclad, No-Risk,
    60-Day Money Back Guarantee "plus".

Order Today for Only US$29.97

  • A wealth of information on countless aspects of living, working or investing in New Zealand.
  • Absolutely-must-do checklists.
  • Eye-opening charts, tables and graphics.
  • Invaluable insider tips, secrets, surveys and insights.
  • Empowers you to take the next step.


"... I admire you in the fact that you are doing something that you like and something that obviously you are very good at. This is rare combination in today's world. I have traveled to over 30 countries and lived in five different countries and the number of people who I have met that have this combination of liking their work and being exceptionally good at it are far and few between, I could count them on one hand. Thank you again for all of the help. Warmest regards,"



- R.K.
Beijing, China


"... wonderful, informative, and entertaining." - Carolyn Tayler, USA

You'll be downloading and reading your report in just a few minutes. We know you'll find it fascinating, comprehensive, enjoyable and one heck of a bargain.

To your success,

' The NuKiwi Team

P.S. -- You wouldn't dream of stepping off a plane in a strange country without first researching it. This report is like advance inside information on steroids. Nothing else even comes close. It blows the lid off the standard tourist hype and exposes the soft underbelly of getting here, living here and working here. In short, it tells it like it really is -- and if you act quickly, it tells it all at a 40% discount!   

P.P.S. -- Remember you have nothing to lose, we take all the risk. You'll receive a prompt and courteous 100% refund even if you decide that you don't like the report 60-days from the date you buy it! You get to keep the beautiful screen-saver and other bonuses with our compliments and we won't even ask you to delete the report files from your computer. Act Now. Order today. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Click here!


"Your 'services' are by far the best... We feel like you actually care about us non-natives." - Talie Bocci, USA


"... excellent report!" - D. Hill, United Kingdom

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