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About NuKiwi -
New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Support Services.[Living History - New Zealand Silver Fern]

NuKiwi was founded to provide action plans and support services to individuals and companies seeking to establish themselves on a part-time or permanent basis in New Zealand. Such a move is a major undertaking and requires careful consideration, thorough planning, and solid information.

So why should you deal with us? There are several reasons:

Experience -- We’ve spent thousands of hours over the past several years compiling information and first-hand experience on virtually every aspect of living, working and doing business in New Zealand. Chances are, we have the answers you're looking for. If we don’t have the answer immediately available, we have the resources and contacts that know where to get it.

Objectivity -- We are not beholden to any organization or service provider. We conduct ongoing reviews to ensure that the service organizations to which we introduce you maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Unlike other firms that promote certain businesses, activities or opportunities purely because of financial incentives, we maintain our objectivity and clout by ensuring that those organizations with which we work understand that we will not hesitate to replace them if they are found to be lacking.

Exclusive New Zealand Support Services -- From bank and investment accounts to mail and answering services, ISP connections to your own NZ email address, we can help you establish the New Zealand services you will require.

Hard-to-Find Materials -- Much of the information and resources we provide are not readily available outside of New Zealand.

Top-Notch Professional Services -- When you require professional legal, taxation, immigration, accounting or similar services, we can provide introductions to many of New Zealand’s most experienced and respected experts.

Comprehensive Coverage -- We bring the information and contacts you need together into a central resource center. No other organization covers the broad range of areas that we specialize in. To even approach the kind of in-depth coverage we offer you'd typically have to deal with a multitude of different agencies, companies and organizations, all with their own agenda to push on you.

Choice -- Choose the product or service that best fits your needs. No need to pay for services you may not require.

Personal, Customized Service -- We don't just throw a lot of facts and figures at you. Simply tell us what you have in mind and ask us the questions you want answers to. Be as general or specific as you like.

Ongoing Support and Information -- We're here to provide you with support and information before, during, and after you physically arrive in New Zealand. Even if you can't get here for months, or perhaps even years, we can help you lay the groundwork for a smooth and informed full-time, part-time or remote relationship with this wonderful country. Think of us as your trusted friend in New Zealand.

Special Corporate Programs -- We also offer optional fee-based business planning, relocation and new migrant employee support programs for our corporate clients seeking to maximize their investment in New Zealand. Visit our Options page for more information.

Satisfaction Guaranteed -- Every NuKiwi product carries a no-risk 60 day guarantee.


“Let me say from the bottom of my heart, this has been a magical trip.
I think every person, when he or she is young, dreams of finding some enchanting place, of beautiful mountains and breathtaking coastlines
and clear lakes and amazing wildlife, and most people give up on it
because they never get to New Zealand. This has been an amazing
thing for me and for all of us".

- President Bill Clinton, after visiting New Zealand in 1999

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NuKiwi is not a licensed New Zealand immigration advisor (we let other people take care of all that annoying paperwork and legal stuff).  We provide settlement services.  If you need a NZ immigration consultant, contact us and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

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