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New Zealand Maps -
Where in the world is New Zealand anyway?

Many people have only a vague notion of where New Zealand is in the world. This is representative of the low profile that the country has held until recently. The following maps are provided to give you a better idea of its location and geographic layout.

[Where in the world is New Zealand anyway?]

Selected New Zealand Facts:

Land Area:
104,052 sq. mi (270,534 sq. km)

Average Rainfall:
North Island: 52 in (1300mm)
E South Island: 13 in (330mm)
W South Island: 300 in (7500mm)

Population: 4,149,000

European: 72%
Maori: 15%
Pacific Islander: 3%
Asian: 6%
Other: 4%

[New Zealand topo map]

[New Zealand - Jewel of the Pacific]New Zealand is located in the South Pacific, approximately 1,000 miles southeast of Australia, 1,300 miles south of Fiji, and 2,000 miles north of Antarctica







[North & South Islands, New Zealand]New Zealand is comprised of two large islands, known simply as the North Island and the South Island, along with several smaller sparsely populated outlaying islands and possessions. The entire country is roughly the size of the state of California. Its total population is just over 4 million people. Located between 35 and 47 degrees south latitude, New Zealand's climate is quite similar to that found along the western coast of the United States between San Francisco and Seattle.





[Auckland, New Zealand]Auckland (pop. 1.2 million) is the largest city in New Zealand. Situated on an isthmus between two large harbors, it is the international commercial hub of the nation and home to over 30% of the nation's total population. Auckland is home to a diverse population of migrants and students from all over the world, giving it a very international and cosmopolitan feel. Accommodations, shopping, dining, culture and entertainment are all world-class. The city's moniker, the "City of Sails," reflects the enthusiasm of the thousands of boaters that take to the city's magnificent bays and harbors on a regular basis.





[Wellington, New Zealand]Wellington (pop. 416,800) is the capital city of New Zealand and diplomatic hub of the nation. It is situated on a beautiful harbor at the southern tip of the North Island. It also acts as a major crossroads for vehicles and passengers ferrying between the North and South Islands via the tempestuous Cook Straight. A thriving restaurant and cafe scene coupled with outstanding national museums make "Windy Wellington" a wonderful place to live or visit.






[Christchurch, New Zealand]Christchurch (pop. 341,400), in the heart of the lowland Canterbury region, is the third largest city in New Zealand. Its architecture, landscaping and customs reflect many of the historical traits of its founding English ancestors. Beautiful gardens and leisurely punts along the Avon River are just a few of its trademark attributes.







[Queenstown, New Zealand]Queenstown (pop. 9,000), located in the inland heart of the Southern Alps, at a latitude roughly midway between Christchurch and Dunedin, lives up to its name as one of the most beautiful and exciting alpine cities in the world. World-class skiing, hiking, dining, accommodations, and adventure travel make Queenstown a fabulous year-round destination.






[Dunedin, New Zealand]Dunedin (pop. 120,900) is proud of its Scottish heritage and is the site of the prestigious University of Otago, the country's first institution of higher learning. A statue of Robert Burns graces the city's central district, dubbed the "Octagon," while Highland games and haggis ceremonies remain a part of seasonal celebrations.








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