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We always love to hear from our readers and clients. But when we receive unsolicited comments such as these, it warms our hearts to know that we've made someone a little happier through our efforts. 

"Hello! First of all, I want to say that I just love this...! I think it's a fabulous idea, and I think that receiving information from a totally objective perspective is sometimes difficult, but much more highly valued than receiving 'fluff'.  Thanks so much,"

- Kelly T., USA

"I admire you in the fact that you are doing something that you like and something that obviously you are very good at. This is rare combination in today's world. I have traveled to over 30 countries and lived in in five different countries and the number of people who I have met that have this combination of liking their work and being exceptionally good at it are far and few between, I could count them on one hand. Thank you again for all of the help. Warmest regards,"

- R.K., China

"Thanks for providing such a great resource!  I can't believe how helpful and responsive you are to my very individual query. Thank you so very much! ...and I may write back with more questions once I've digested all the great stuff you suggested! "

- Valerie Anderson, USA

"I have been traveling to and fro from NZD since 1999 and I have completed my resident visa requirements. I have in these short few years, bought and sold property and lived for extended visits in my villa in Auckland. I would say that you are providing an invaluable service to migrants and I applaud your efforts. I only wish I had known about you before I started my own migration process."

"I don't know if a new migrant really appreciates all the hard work you have put into pulling together the essentials in your report but you have done a great job! Not to mention the time this report would save someone from hours of research and trips to NZD. "

- Connie, USA

"Please accept my eternal thanks... for going above and beyond the call of duty."

- Rick, Ireland

"Hi, I thoroughly enjoy the newsletter and have also found the Immigration and Relocation report very informative and helpful.  ... Keep up the good work."

- Laurie Sutton, Grand Cayman

"... invaluable information for the immigrant and prospective immigrant community."

- Michael Hawes, United Kingdom

"I recently subscribed to your newsletter and bought the "New Zealand Immigration and Relocation Report", they are both very helpful for my application for residence visa. Thank you."

- Shirley Pineda, Philippines

"This report has answered the majority of all of our questions about New Zealand in one go. Hours of searching the web will not give you this kind of information, and will save you time, money and worry."

- Danny Hill, East Sussex, England

"... I have the report with me. I truly believe it will make our move much smoother, thanks for the encouraging words. Thank you very much for everything. "

- Claire, South Africa

"...wonderful, informative, and entertaining ."

- Carolyn Tylor,  USA

"Hi - love the reports!"                               

- Andy Jaquet, United Kingdom

"wow, now i am even MORE impressed with your service--i got a real live person to answer my call for help within 24 hours! not only that, but i received a personal greeting and a detailed explanation of how to solve my problem. if i wore a hat, it would be off to you!!  can i be friends with you guys when i finally get to new zealand?? :)"

- Carolyn, USA

"This is very informative and I really appreciate the contents of the newsletter. Keep up the good work!"

- A.S., Philippines

"Thanks again for your tremendous support."           

- Helen, United Kingdom

"Yesterday I purchased your immigration report online. I really enjoyed
the information - it was very useful and insightful."

- Jeff Mortenson, USA

"... a very useful and informative report."

- Peter and Manuela Fitt, United Kingdom

"... my wife and I have been most definitely impressed with the quality of the info presented in your report. ...your section about presentation of docs was especially useful. Thanks a lot. Regards, Gary."

- Gary LePetit, United Arab Emirates

"Thank you SOOOOO much... I love the Report. So helpful. Regards, Laura "

- Laura Bozeman, USA

"Hello there!! Thank you so much for your great help!!"

- C.E., Venezuela

"I was so surprised to get such a wonderful letter of response to my questions--it was terrific and I genuinely appreciated your effort on my behalf. "

- Stan, USA

"Thank you greatly, kindly and every other "ly" word that applies"

- Barbara, USA

"I purchased your Relocation Report and found it very helpful and interesting."

- E.G.,  USA

"Hello, I bought your e-book and have just finished it. Well done! ... It is hard to find a writing that describes the character of a population. Most of what is written about NZ is how beautiful it is, or how good the price of real estate is, and not what it is like to interact with the people. ... It is good to get an outsider's view of NZ. 

- Steve Lulay, USA

"... a great find."                               - Shiela Martin, USA

"... amazingly great! I am sure your team inputs a lot of hard work and effort into building the info..."

- L.K., United Arab Emirates

"Hi to the Nukiwi Team! I am emailing from England - we have read your Immigration and Relocation report and found it really helpful... We really appreciate having Nukiwi as a contact to help us at this time - many thanks, "

- A.M. , United Kingdom

"Your report and newsletters are open and honest (Kiwi life, warts and all)... The report is wonderful and well worth the money spent. Each time I look at it I find something new and interesting. Thank you for the effort put in compiling all of the information."

 - Rick K., Ireland

"... excellent report!"                        -  D. Hill, United Kingdom

"Thank you for accommodating my questions. I've just logged on to your site just yesterday in anticipation of my family's move to NZ and ... I found it very comforting that at least when we do move we have a friend on line."

- A.G.,  Manila, Philippines

"Keep up the great work!"                          - Connie, USA

"I appreciate your efforts to give us useful feedbacks about New Zealand . I can understand how much time you guys devote to collect this information and forward the same to new immigrants.  Thanks once again, for the time and effort taken by you all."

- A.G., India

" I have just skimmed through The New Zealand Immigration and Relocation Report. Very well orchestrated, and highly informative."

- Jim Bowen, USA

"Great info!"                                              - A.D., USA

"Many thanks and keep up the great work"

- Helen Critchell, United Kingdom

"Thank you for all of the incredible information you provide!..."

- Val, United States

"Your 'services' are by far the best... We feel like you actually care about us non-natives."

- Talie Bocci, USA

"Very well orchestrated, and highly informative.
Many thanks for the first class help..."

- Jim, USA

"Many thanks for an excellent product..."         

- Ralph Mutton, UK

"I have had a chance to casually read the reports and I am struck by the honesty and straightforwardness that is evident."

D. B., USA

"Thank you very much for your help!! - you have been great.

- Shirley, United Kingdom

"...thank you for your unstinting help, kindness, and support."       

-D.B., USA

"I would have no problem recommending yourselves or the reports to anyone!!  ... many thanks once again.

- S.M., UK

"... a very informative, timely and helpful publication."   

- Julian, Philippines

"I would definitely refer your report to my friends overseas who does not know much about New Zealand and different immigration policies and to choose best suited option for them."

Kuldip Kumar, NZ

"Great website!"                                        - B.T., UK

"I wish to thank you for your superb assistance, your kindness, and your humor."

- Dolores Boot, United States

"...the most useful website/newsletter available for would-be immigrants."

- Kevin Sykes, UK

"I have downloaded some of the report which is most informative.  Thank you..."

- Linda, United Kingdom

"...brilliant!"                                            - Lynn Cardwell, UK

"I want to thank you for your very fast response times in answering my questions.  It's rare these days to get this kind of support and I appreciate it.  Thanks again for all your help..."

- J.J., USA

"Your report is full of essential information."            

- Gary, UAE

"Many thanks for your superb 'NZ Immigration & Relocation Report' which I found invaluable in my application for residency... Once again thanks for your very clear and precise help and information... you really do a great job."

- Margaret Bourke, Ireland

"...very helpful and full of valuable information."       

- D.H., United States

"If only I'd found NuKiwi first!...                   

- Justin Gibson, UK

"Congratulations on your wonderful no-nonsense, funny and very informative New Zealand Insider report... thanks for all the great work!

- Margaret, UK

"I appreciate all the good information in your newsletter and your immigration guide."

- Scott Crabtree, USA

"I just finished reading your report, and was dying laughing the whole time... you guys definitely did a great job!...

Kristian Erickson, M.D., United States

"...fantastic... a wealth of information."           - M.S., USA

"My partner and I were becoming very frustrated with available NZ immigration information on the web.  Some sites were difficult to decipher, outdated or just simply incorrect.  The detailed and straightforward information contained in the NuKiwi reports has been invaluable to us.  Working with NuKiwi has given us immigration options we were never made aware of before."

- Larry Brotherton, USA

"I'm sincerely grateful for the quick ad efficient response to my urgent request.
Once again thank you...

- Roy, NZ

"I just finished reading your relocation report and I cannot adequately express how completely AWESOME it is!!!  I know you must hear that all the time, but I just cannot get over the wealth of information that was provided and all of the links you added.  All I can say is WOW!!! (and that doesn't do it justice)...  Sadly, it is becoming a rare thing to find someone who actually delivers what they promise.  I must say you guys totally impressed us!...   We really respect your work and anything you guys provide that we need we would trust you to help us because of the level of business you conduct...and we would know it would be well worth the price you charge!  On that note let me say 'thanks' for not taking advantage of those like me seeking hard to find information -- the price is sooo reasonable.  And, last but definitely not least you guys have given us something priceless...more peace of mind.  ...I am just beside myself with gratitude to you all!!  THANKS A MILLION for all of your hard work and great info."

- Scotty, USA

"WOW!  What a quick response...  Thanks again for your time and guidance."

- T.V., United States

"I've just bought your reports and found them extremely informative and interesting. Thanks."

- D.T., United Kingdom

"You are a superb group and deserve ANY and ALL kudos... indeed this type of great service is rare up here in the US... Many, many thanks again; for ALL your help and concern..."

- Chris Renn, United States

"Your report is fantastic.  Finally, something that offers sound advice and makes sense of the whole process.  It really has shed some light on it all and given us reason to be positive and persistent... Very many thanks for turning things around for us, it was beginning to look futile! Kindest regards,"

- Robert Chatterton, UK

"I really appreciate all the help you have given!  It is really wonderful, and special!! "

- Christine, USA

"...the information is great! "                      - R.W., UK

"I've just purchased [your] guide, it contains a wealth of valuable information!  ...very impressed by the comprehensive and honest nature of it... very good value for serious enquirers, full of pertinent observations.  Essential reading..."

- Rick Warner, United Kingdom

"Thank you for your great help."                   - M.S., Singapore

"Both my husband and I were VERY IMPRESSED by how thorough and clearly written your report is.  It answered all of our questions in depth.  Thanks for all your good work!"

- Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ripley, USA

"Your report was excellent and we appreciate your research and hard work"

- Ruth, United States

"...most informative... THANK YOU!             - T. Vogel, USA

 "Many, many thanks for the quick and informative reply.  That's really great after-sales support!

- Val, Philippines

"...the reports are fully functional and have loads of information as you specified on your website.  You have definitely lived up to our expectations.  Sorry that I doubted at all.  Thank you once again and when I get to New Zealand, I will definitely like to come and visit and show you what your reports have done for me."

- L.M., Ireland

"Your support has been the most efficient and pertinent that I have had to deal with and I deal with many.  Thank you."

- Christine, USA

"I have recently downloaded your report and found it extremely interesting.
...it was definitely money well spent when I logged on to your web site.  Thank you again..."

- Nichola Mansworth, UK

"Your site and newsletter are the best."            -  S.K., USA

"I have been most impressed with your service and grateful for the details received."

- Elaine Roberts, United Kingdom

"I have purchased and read your excellent New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report... Thank you."

- David Watkiss, UK

"We purchased your information pack special and have learned a lot from it, and thoroughly enjoyed reading it."

- Dave, USA

"You're the only people I've come across who have been completely honest and genuinely kind.  Keep up the great work!"

- Jonathan, United States

"Keep up the great work!"                         - V.M., Philippines

"Many thanks for a brilliant service -- what a terrific idea, well done!

- Bev, USA

 I skimmed through the reports and they look good and I praise your efficient, straight and reliable service.  Thank you."

- N.C., United Kingdom

"...exactly what we're looking for."            - G.L., USA

"...just purchased and read your excellent guide to life in New Zealand...
Many thanks,"

- Stephen Skelton, UK

"...thanks for such informative, helpful and entertaining reading."

- Ann, USA

"I've just read your report at great length... extremely useful."

- Donna, United Kingdom

"...a life saver for anyone thinking of visiting or moving to New Zealand."

- Scott Kucirek, USA

"I've read your reports and found them very helpful."          

- R.C. UK

"I just purchased your Immigration and Relocation Report and it's everything you advertised and more.  Thanks so very much.  The information is invaluable...!

- Ann Goldsberry, United States

"This is very helpful!  Thanks for the information and your great service!

- Lisa Galarneau, USA

"Your help has been outstanding.......thank you."          

- K.H., Belgium

"Thanks!... You have an extensive resource here.         

- R.C., USA

"...NuKiwi.com have given me great advice and helped me sort out my options..."

- Lisa, United States

"We think the news letters we get are great and the info pack we got from you really worth the money."

- Marie & Jer, UK

"I found your report quite detailed and certainly confirmatory - I've been here for 6 years and the info is surely right - I concur with your findings and I'm going to apply for residency very soon.  ...good job!  I think you have done VERY well... Congratulations!"

- D.H., New Zealand

"Thanks so much for your useful information!!  It has really helped us understand our options in New Zealand."

- A.E., USA

"Thank you.  Can't tell you what a treat it is in this day and age to find a Real Person/People on the other end of an e-mail enquiry.  And cheerful, friendly, witty, Kiwi ones at that!  Thanks again for your friendly and civilised service (not a strong point here in the former Communist bloc, you understand...)."

- T.C., Czech Republic

"Thanks, we've learned a lot from the document we purchased from you."

- Dan & Ann, United States

"Many thanks for all your very interesting information."      

- D.R., Zimbabwe

"I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic NuKiwi guides - they are by far the best information I have found on immigration to NZ."

- Scott, USA

"...very professional... you are great."            - Wanda, USA

"Thank you for your fantastic information about New Zealand!"

- M.N., Kenya

"You have a great product..."                        - F.P., USA

"I am very impressed with the way the document is compiled -- very easy to read and great detail!"

- Nancy, United States

"...very fine document..."                              - Richard, UK

"Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a thorough and thoughtful reply to my queries."

- Adria, United States

"I must admit that I expected the services that were charged for to be useful, but I never believed that NuKiwi would be so personalized as to have the time or the interest to actually respond to MY concerns.  I guess we've all been so misled by so many disreputable Internet sites that we've lowered our expectations.  A case of so many impressive claims, so little follow through.  If NuKiwi is any indication of the values of the country we are considering making our new home the sooner we move the better.  In deep appreciation,

- Mark & Denise, USA

 "I have been so delighted by your reports...  I was skeptical at first, but once I read the reports, I was glad to have purchased them.  Thanks so much for earning my trust!

- Aja Eyre, USA

"...valuable information."                                - Raj, India

"The information we've received from you over the past 2 days has been invaluable.  We simply devoured your Immigration & Relocation Report plus our first edition of the Newsletter.  They have provided an excellent roadmap and context as we begin this journey.  We feel most fortunate to have stumbled across you as a resource and guide."

- Denise Fonseca, United States

"...delightful and informative..."                     - L.W., UK

"Your reports are by far the most complete, concise and illuminating source of information for the potential NZ immigrant that I have found (and I have looked everywhere!).  Should be required reading for anyone considering moving to NZ.  Well Done!"

- Dr. Scott Cameron, M.D., United States


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